Beating the Bugs: Preventing Fleas, Ticks, and Mosquito-borne Illnesses

flea and tick prevention.

In a perfect world, pets wouldn’t be bothered by parasites. They would just carry on with all their delightful exuberance and curiosity, unburdened by vector-borne illnesses. While parasites are a necessary part of the food chain, it can seem impossible to peacefully coexist with them. Not only irritating, parasites like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes threaten pet health. With a year-round approach to parasite prevention, you can safeguard your pet’s wellness today and tomorrow. 


Pets and Technology: Exploring Innovative Gadgets and Apps for Pet Care and Monitoring

veterinarian using microscope.
asian woman veterinarian check illness with microscope and the close up owner is aside dog

Pets and tech go paw in hand, particularly when it’s pet tech that promotes improved health and safety and keeps us connected with our pets. From wearable pet tech to the latest pet gadgets, we outline smart pet products for the savvy cats and dogs in your life in this blog from our team at Curem Veterinary Care


Unlocking the Mystery of Catnip: Exploring Its Fascinating Effects on Feline Friends

cat sniffing catnip plant.

For many cat owners, watching their house panther enjoy catnip is an enjoyable and often humorous experience. But is catnip okay for your cat? Do catnip effects have harmful consequences? Your resource for all things feline here at Curem Veterinary Care has the answers you are looking for about Nepata Cataria (catnip) and your kitty. 


Enhancing Quality of Life Though Cat Rehabilitation Therapy

Cat rehabilitation.

With each passing year, veterinary medicine becomes more and more advanced. Many of our clients at Curem Veterinary Care are familiar with (or have utilized) rehabilitation therapy for their dogs, but far fewer realize that our cat patients can benefit as well. Read on to learn how feline rehabilitation techniques are improving the lives of cats everywhere.


Safe Tails: A Vet’s Handbook to Pet Emergency Readiness

Pet Emergency

Curem Veterinary Clinic knows first-hand how scary pet emergencies can be. We want to give you tools to help your pet in the face of a major illness or accident by helping you with your pet emergency preparedness knowledge. Knowing what to do and when to do it can make all the difference.


Shelter to Sanctuary: The Art of Pet Fostering

pet fostering.

Are you thinking about fostering rescued pets? This is a fantastic way to help pets in need, and a great option for people who cannot adopt pets or want to know what to expect before adopting a pet. Make sure your home and your heart are prepared to welcome a new furry friend with these helpful tips for providing homes for shelter animals. 


Cultivating Pet-Friendly Gardens—A Green Haven for You and Your Furry Friends

pet friendly garden.

When you have pets, it is important to know exactly what’s in the garden or around the property. An innocent exploration in the backyard could lead to big trouble if your pet comes into contact with a toxic plant. Whether a pet likes to sniff, eat, or sleep on garden plants according to their whim, we’re here to help steer them towards a safer environment. 


The Love Language of Pets: How Animals Show Affection

pets showing affection.

Are those licks from your labrador and cuddles from your calico signs of pet affection or just an animal’s way of saying they’re out of food? We love our pets, and we’d like to think that they love us right back, but how can we be sure? To help pet families understand how pets express love, our team at Curem Veterinary Care has put together a quick primer on the love language of pets.


National Pet Dental Health Month: The Importance of Oral Care

pet dental.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, but you should make pet oral care a part of any pet’s wellness routine all year long.

At Curem Veterinary Care, we want pet families to understand the impact that dental hygiene for pets can have on an animal’s longevity and quality of life, so our team is here with a primer on the importance of pet dental health.


Tackling the Growing Issue of Cat Obesity

cat obesity.

While it can be tempting (and easy!) to spoil an adorable household cat with tasty treats, we know that excess weight can be downright dangerous for our feline friends. One of the most loving things you can do as a pet owner is help maintain your kitty’s weight and fitness!

Here’s what you need to know about preventing cat obesity for your pet’s best health: