veterinarian using microscope.
asian woman veterinarian check illness with microscope and the close up owner is aside dog

Pets and tech go paw in hand, particularly when it’s pet tech that promotes improved health and safety and keeps us connected with our pets. From wearable pet tech to the latest pet gadgets, we outline smart pet products for the savvy cats and dogs in your life in this blog from our team at Curem Veterinary Care

Wearable Pet Technology for Fit Pets

The latest wearable pet tech works just like a Fitbit and transmits helpful information to connected pet apps to give you the skinny on your pet’s vitals, behavior, and activity levels, alerting you when it might be time to schedule a checkup.  

Features vary among pet gadgets, but here are some common options to look for when shopping for pet technology:

  • Tracks your pet’s location and alerts you if your pet leaves a designated area 
  • Monitors your pet’s sleep
  • Tracks pulse, heart rate, and temperature (great for senior pets or those with chronic health conditions)
  • Monitors your pet’s mobility, skin conditions, and anxiety
  • Tracks your pet’s eating and drinking habits
  • Calculates and tracks calories burned (helpful for pets with diabetes and those struggling with obesity)
  • Some can even track your pet’s moods using sleep and activity levels!

On-Trend Smart Pet Products

While there’s no substitute for human contact, smart pet products help us provide care for our pets even when we’re away. Here are some of the latest on-trend pet gadgets that make pet care more convenient than ever before:

  • Smart food dispensers (and their accompanying pet apps) like the one from PetSafe make mealtimes effortless by enabling you to feed, monitor, and adjust the amount of your pet’s food from the palm of your hand!  
  • Pet “nanny” cams like Furbo 360 livestream a continuous feed so you can watch and talk to your pet for peace of mind while you’re away. Perfect for pets prone to separation anxiety, these cameras sometimes include barking alerts, so you know when your dog is distressed. Some of these cameras also double as treat dispensers that you can trigger from your phone for extra rewards even when you’re not home! 
  • Self-cleaning litter boxes like Litter-Robot can accommodate the most fastidious of felines by automatically moving pet waste into a separate compartment so that cats can enjoy a clean box every time. Even cat litter is becoming more tech-savvy. Brands like Pretty Litter use color-changing technology to alert cat owners to the possibility of a health issue. 

Stay “Smart” with Professional Pet Care

While pet technology makes tracking a pet’s daily habits much easier (and more accurate), there’s no substitute for regular wellness and preventive care visits. We’re happy to answer your questions about pet technology and how it can enhance your pet’s daily care. Please contact us at (480) 787-0544 to schedule your pet’s visit.